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Child and Adolescent Therapy
(Ages 7+)

Is your child experiencing challenges that are concerning you? Blissful Balance Counselling has therapists that offer evidence-based therapy services to children, adolescents and parents facing developmental, emotional, academic and mental health challenges. We at Blissful Balance Counselling believe that children and adolescents thrive when they have a community supporting them and highlighting their strengths and abilities. 

Adolescent BIPOC therapist, Ghadir Kawar

Hi, I'm Ghadir!

Our therapist, Ghadir Kawar, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) can be part of your teen's community by working closely with the individual and/or family to identify any challenges they are experiencing and creating a custom treatment plan to restore balance and bliss in the individual's life and/or the family system. Please note that Ghadir only works with individuals 10 years and older.

Hi, I'm Anna!

Anna Riddell, a Registered Social Worker works with children, adolescents and families on issues of anxiety, depression and trauma. Anna specializes in parenting, self-esteem, family relationships, gender and sexuality. If any of these concerns resonate with you, Anna can work collaboratively with you individually, your child/teen or with the entire family to explore and resolve emotional and relational challenges. Anna works with children 7+ and adolescents of all ages.

Adolescent Therapist, Anna Riddell
Adolescent BIPOC therapist, Rohama Kabeer

Hi, I'm Rohama

Rohama Kabeer, our Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), is dedicated to working with adolescents. Through her expertise in Acceptance and Commitment (ACT), Compassion Focused, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Solution-Focused Brief (SFBT) approaches, she collaborates closely with teens. She identifies negative coping tools, relational challenges, and behavioural patterns, crafting a tailored treatment plan in partnership with the teen. Rohama's volunteer work at Kids Help Phone and her experience offering therapy to university students have equipped her with both clinical skills and a deep understanding of adolescent needs. Please note that Rohama works with teens 14+.

Hi, I'm Ariette!

[19/02/2024 3:57 PM] Ariette Hung: As a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) with a Master of Divinity in Clinical Counselling and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child and Youth Care, Ariette is committed to providing compassionate and culturally sensitive care to adolescents aged 13+ and young adults, or to parents of teenagers. Ariette works with individuals to help them connect to their inner experiences, heal their inner child, and have healthier relationships with themselves and others.


Ariette's approach is both clinical and holistic, considering the mind-body-soul connection, and factors in one's personality and strengths to help each client understand themselves and how to cope with their challenges better. Ariette specializes in helping young people with issues of self-esteem, anxiety, peer relationships, family conflict, bullying, codependency, and in personal growth. Ariette is here to hold space for you and/or your teen to process their experiences and find resilience in self-compassion, coping and boundaries. By request, Ariette is also able to provide Christian counselling. Please note that Ariette works with teens 14+.

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Chose your therapist? Awesome! 

Fees are $160.00 per session plus HST. *Some sliding scale spots are available upon request to your therapist*. Our Social Worker, Anna charges $160 with no HST. We also offer sliding scale pricing with our intern, Danielle. Services can also be reimbursed by some health plans. Please inquire with your provider if they cover services provided by Registered Psychotherapists or Registered Social Workers (services with Anna).​

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nature therapy
nature therapy
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