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Culturally Sensitive Therapy & Counselling

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Culturally Sensitive Therapy

Tailoring Treatment to Honor Diversity

At Blissful Balance Counselling, we are dedicated to providing an inclusive and welcoming space where individuals of all cultures, ethnicities, and religions can feel understood and respected.

Our team of therapists and counsellors are committed to honouring the unique experiences, values, and beliefs of each client. We recognize the importance of representation in the mental health field and strive to ensure that our staff reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. 

At Blissful Balance Counselling, we believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality mental health care that honours their cultural heritage and identity. We are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our practice, and we are here to support you on your journey towards healing and well-being.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hi, I'm Ghadir!

To me, culturally sensitive therapy involves fostering a nurturing environment where clients are embraced and honoured for their individuality. This journey commences by acknowledging my own biases and maintaining a genuine curiosity regarding diverse cultural viewpoints. Through active listening devoid of preconceptions and a commitment to understanding my clients' backgrounds, I can customize therapy to address their distinct requirements. Central to this process is cultivating trust and fostering collaboration, enabling clients to feel empowered as they navigate their cultural identities and confront challenges within a supportive framework.

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hi, I'm Rohama!

I offer culturally sensitive therapy by prioritizing what I would value in a culturally informed therapist myself! Central to my approach is a deep understanding of my clients' experiences, providing them with a space to explore their unique perspectives in an unbiased and sensitive manner. Continuous self-education is crucial to me, as I believe in empowering my clients as the experts in their own lives. I am committed to maintaining an open mindset, ensuring that my clients feel safe and supported! 


As a person of colour, cultural sensitivity holds particular significance for me, and I draw upon my own experiences to place it at the forefront of every session. I recognize that despite shared cultural backgrounds, individual experiences can vary greatly, underscoring the importance of creating safe, inclusive spaces where clients feel free to share, explore, and understand.

Counselling Intern

Hi, I'm Danielle!

I provide culturally sensitive counselling by honouring, and valuing, the diverse beliefs and lived experiences of each client. I do my best to create a welcoming and non judgmental space so that clients feel comfortable sharing. This allows me to work with clients in a way that best helps them to meet their own personal goals. I believe that our cultural backgrounds influence each of us in ways that are not always recognized, but that are an intrinsic and vital part of our whole self.

As a counsellor from Trinidad and Tobago, my upbringing in a culturally diverse environment has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures that coexist within our society. Witnessing firsthand how culture influences individuals' beliefs, behaviours, and identities has greatly informed my approach to mental health care, allowing me to foster empathy, understanding, and respect for the diverse backgrounds and experiences of my clients.

Registered Psychotherapist , C.C.C

Hi, I'm Husainat!

As a Black woman and therapist, it's essential to me that I provide therapy from an anti-oppressive, culturally sensitive, responsive, and informed approach. I achieve this by ensuring that I am attuned to my client's unique worldviews and cultural backgrounds, and by understanding and incorporating relevant and important cultural factors and elements that make up my client’s culture and/or identity into the therapeutic process. I prioritize learning about and understanding each client's individuality, including their backgrounds, belief systems, and worldviews, to fully understand their context rather than making assumptions and using a stereotypical one-size-fits-all approach. Additionally, I respect and accommodate differences in opinions, values, and belief systems across various cultures and individuals.

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Registered Social Worker
Anna Riddell, LGBTQ Couples Therapist, Polyamory Therapist

Hi, I'm Anna!

I am committed to providing anti-oppressive and culturally sensitive therapy. To me, this means:


  • Offering an invitation for clients to explore mental health issues in relation to cultural factors and influences

  • Not making assumptions about peoples’ identities or experiences based on culture, race or ethnicity

  • Offering an invitation for clients to explore the impacts of stereotypes, media representations and dominant cultural expectations

  • Acknowledging colonial legacies and their impacts on individuals and communities, including factors such as intergenerational trauma and current socio-economic barriers

  • Recognizing the important role culture plays in mental health and well-being


I am of Scottish, Irish, and English ancestry. I parent a bi-racial and bi-cultural child. One of my goals as a parent is to support my daughter with navigating different parenting styles which are heavily shaped by culture. I am particularly interested in cultural expectations around gender. 

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Hi, I'm Ariette!

As a second-generation Chinese-Canadian therapist, I draw upon my lived experience as an adult child of immigrants to connect with individuals from East-Asian and minority cultures. Together, we can explore various topics, including child parentification, boundary issues, family of origin trauma, cross-cultural dissonance, recovery from people-pleasing behaviours, coping with emotionally immature family members, academic and familial pressures, experiences of discrimination, and more.


Being a culturally sensitive therapist means meeting you where you are, understanding your cultural background, and recognizing its influence on your personal development and core beliefs. From this understanding, we can collaborate to establish boundaries and address unhealthy patterns related to cultural and family of origin dynamics.

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Registered Psychotherapist
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Hi, I'm Rania!

As a first-generation immigrant from Morocco who has experienced frequent relocations, through my journey, I have gained a deep appreciation of the intricacies involved in cultural diversity. My own search for a therapist who could understand and honour my cultural and religious background fueled my commitment to establishing a practice dedicated to ensuring that individuals from all walks of life receive the compassionate and culturally informed care they deserve. Through careful selection, I have cultivated a team of therapists and counselors who possess not only the requisite knowledge and skills but also the empathetic and nonjudgmental demeanor necessary to effectively serve clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. 


My mission is to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can explore their mental health journey free from the constraints of cultural biases or misunderstandings.


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Fees are $160.00 per session plus HST. *Some sliding scale spots are available upon request to your therapist*. Our Social Worker, Anna charges $160 with no HST. We also offer sliding scale pricing with our intern, Danielle. Services can also be reimbursed by some health plans. Please inquire with your provider if they cover services provided by Registered Psychotherapists or Registered Social Workers (services with Anna).​

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