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Meet Our Counselling Intern

At Blissful Balance Counselling, our team includes Registered Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and a Counselling Intern. Each of these professionals is capable of delivering counselling services to our clients. A counselling intern is a pre-licensed practitioner currently undergoing training in various therapeutic approaches under the close supervision of an experienced psychotherapist, Pavna Sodhi.


Our counselling intern, Danielle also receives guidance from Clinic Owner and Psychotherapist, Rania Oustad. Pavna and Rania plan to work closely with the counselling intern across all client cases, offering insights, training, and additional learning opportunities. Opting for a counselling intern's services is akin to benefiting from the input of three clinicians on your case.

By selecting a counselling intern for your sessions, you can take advantage of sliding scale pricing, compared to the regular rate of $160. At Blissful Balance Counselling, we are committed to making therapy accessible to all clients, including those with lower incomes. Click here to learn more about Danielle.

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